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Ad Details

Title perogy boyz

The People’s Perogies

Traditional - potato, cottage cheese
Sauerkraut - potato, onion, sauerkraut
Mexicali - ground beef, chili aioli, tomato ‘tartar’, green onion, cheddar cheese
Duck – ground duck, saskatoon berry, chive ponzu
Carrot Cake – dessert perogy with raisin, carrot, cream cheese, cinnamon-carmel, icing sugar

Sausages for All

Kielbasa – traditional pork
Tijuana Baba - pork, jalapeño, cheddar
Knackwurst - smoked veal, pork
Sunday Dinner - beef, red wine & rosemary topped with bacon gravy
Cabbage Roll - beef, sauerkraut, rice, marinara sauce

Baba’s Borscht

beets, cabbage, dill, crème fraiche

*Now offering soup of the day for our comrades.

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Location Calgary
Phone 403
Email info@perogyboyz.com

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